Monday, November 15, 2010

Inner Exploration

The word "libido", a word derived from Freud that loosely translates as "sex energy". Libido is kundalini.Yogis and occultists teach that housed in the root chakra is a fundamental energy called kundalini. This energy is depicted as a coiled snake and it is the goal of the yogi and occultist to, slowly and in a controlled manner, release this energy. The purpose for releasing this energy is to bring it progressively through the chakras, which in turn confers the particular psychic abilities associated with that chakra. This process is known as "awakening" or "vivifying" a chakra. This energy is brought up the spine (or the etheric counterpart thereof) and its final destination is the crown chakra, which, upon successfully reaching, confers enlightenment - the true goal of both yoga and occultism, as well as mysticism.

The endocrine system includes the adrenal glands, thyroid, parathyroid, pituitary and pineal glands...find out what foods and tricks positively enhance this function of the body. Drugs confer changes in the endocrine system of the body that result in the stimulation of the kundalini, but the kundalini becomes active in an uncontrolled fashion, which is literally the opposite of yoga where kundalini is slowly and painstakingly controlled over years of meditative practices (which are really only eating healthy, loving fully, and being pure).

"Concerning the use of Chymical Agents, be mindful that thou abuse them not, learn that the Sacrament itself is related to Spirit, and the Four Elements balanced thereunder, in its Perfection." -Crowley

1. Visual/Audio hallucinations - Sensory mixing
(hearing sights or seeing sounds).
2. Weakening of ego boundaries (a weakening or loss for sense-of-self).
3. Enhanced ability to think abstractly & sense the emotions of others.
4. The uncontrollable urge to laugh or maintain long concentration.
5. Feelings of extreme joy or feelings of extreme depression and terror.
6. A direct apprehension of God.

A. Root - sex energy, libido
B. Navel - excretion (kidneys, liver), sensation in general
C. Spleen - digestion, energy input, ability to dream
D. Heart - circulation, empathy
E. Throat - communication, speech, hearing, clairaudience
F. Third-eye - sight, cognition, clairvoyance
G. Crown - brain, thought, spirituality