Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Patience: Food for Thought

Patience, by Nas & Damian Marley,
One of Bob Marley s 5 sons made a tight rap song, it was hard to understand so I broke it down and put it all back together. This is what was said, unofficially - food for thought:
Sometimes it's like 'pardon me, but I got a real big spirit.' We growing wiser? Or just growing tall? Pay no mind to the youths because it's not like the future depends on it. What kind of spell is mankind under, and this is what the image is, are we born not knowing we're born knowing all? Can you predict the future, see storms coming? Scholars teach in Universities and claim that they're smart and cunning. Some of the smartest dummies still won't research and find out the root of the truth that we seek of.. Can you read signs in the heavenly stars? Can you make peace? Can you fight war? Can you milk cows, even though you drive cars? Can you survive Against All Oddds!?
YouTube: Patience

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